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We created Beyond Agency to support artists/musicians, Athletes, brands and labels better manage their career through a variety of services.

Eric Jayk

Graduated of New York University (Bachelor Music Jazz Guitar & Performance in 2001) 

Eric Jayk started Wildstreet in 2006 making his career as a touring / recording artist.

His songs have been placed on TV internationally on TNT, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, E! and video games. Signing his major label publishing deal with Fieldhouse Music / BMG in 2015, He signed a worldwide record deal in 2020 with Golden Robot Records and Jayk has over 4 Million Youtube views & over 6 Million Spotify streams and his last album Wildstreet 'III' was a massive success.

Spending the past three years touring to bring live music to fans in the USA, Europe, and Mexico. Meanwhile, he has been writing and collaborating with great artists everywhere for Wildstreet and for their project(s).


His expert experience in music, social media, the music industry is unparalleled and has been mentoring artists, producers, and talented people all over the world for 10 years, while teaching thousands of private  Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano and songwriting/productions lessons.

He is endorsed by NW Guitars, Ligerie Guitares, Zemaitis Guitars, Ruf Guitars, Elixir Strings,

PRS Guitars, Godin Guitars & InTune Guitar picks, Pickme.De, Line-6, Pedal Pawn, Strymon and more!

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Jen Jayk

With over 10 years of experience in public relations, artist management and booking all over the world (Replica Promotion, French Basketball Federation, Jordan) she has built a solid reputation throughout the world.


Self-made and hard-working, Jen Jayk created her own music project 'Bliss My Heart ' in 2019, single-handedly taking charge of developing her project from the ground up. (composition, promotion, artist management). She began collaborating with Eric Jayk in 2021. The duo has released three tracks:  Reason To Dust ' 105K streams, ' Drive Fast ' 60K streams, ' Beyond ' 40K streams.


Since July 2022, Jen Jayk  has helped manage Wildstreet  and Eric Jayk  and the band has seen unprecedented results. 

Jen Jayk

Wrath Starz

Since 2015 started touring around the US with band 'Once Around' Their first 4 singles, "Ghost" (2018), "Leaving Home" (2018), "I Will Ascend" (2019), "askifimOK" (2020) were all Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart Top 40 hits!  Their most recent release, a full-length album, 'Call It Fate or Redemption' Had 3 smash singles 'December', 'The Wild' & 'Oh Misery.  Wrath Starz co-produced/co-wrote the album.

He has worked on many other projects with a number of artists as a co-writer, mixer, producing, and guitarist

Wrath Starz
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